1. A British person or somebody born and raised in Great Britain.
2. Some times used either as a friendly term or insulting term to describe a person of British descent, depending on how the particular person precieves it.
American: Look at that guy, he's awesome!
American #2: Oh, yeah. He's a Brit, isn't he?
American: Yup. That is what makes him more awesome; he's a Brit!
American #2: Isn't the term "Brit" offensive?
American: Not that I know of; a Brit is someone described as an individual of British ancestory, no more, no less.
by BrandEEE October 04, 2011
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Someone who is from Britian (ie Scotland, England, Wales. NOT Northern Ireland, as Britian and the UK aren't the same.)

They actually spell honour and colour correctly, as that is how the words are spelt in their language. The Americans don't incorrectly spell color and honor, because that's how they spell it in their language (contrary to popular belief, Americans don't speak English, they speak American: a bastardization of the former). Oh, and English isn't the only language spoken in Britian, what about Welsh?

A Brit has a unique sense of humour which they often resort to at solemn times. They're basically exactly the same as everyone else on the planet, except for small differences.

A brit is just like everyone else on the planet.
by Jimmy Kickarse July 22, 2006
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a person who didnt know they were jealous of anything australian.
"Thank god for us brits that they only put Neighbours on during early afternoons, otherwise we might start demanding our programmes to be just as pathetically dire...."
by Jesus in a bin bag September 25, 2003
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People who can’t take a joke and get triggered if one person said something negatively about English.
Brits are so serious and get triggers to easily
via giphy
by Kill yourselves September 06, 2018
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An person who comes from the United Kingdom which stands as a bulwark of common law, democracy and tradition against the forces of evil. Someone who loves their country but doesn't have to get in anyones face about it. There'll always be an England! Rule Britannia!
The Brits play better football than anyone else in the world!
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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Me: "Those fucking Brits are blaming me for our dumbass president, it's not like I'm supporting the asshole."

Friend: "I know, what assholes. I think they're just upset because there skin is paste white and they have small peckers."
by calvinownsj00 May 29, 2005
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British Person! whoaa screw the damn americans it not a gential wart. Brit is a person born/rasied/ or a citizen of great britain (including Ireland). Us brits couldn't care less if you call us a brit
Me: I was born in England!
Brett: I'm an american
Me: I'm a brit and proud!
by mufcsammy May 18, 2008
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