A person who was born/raised or lives in Britain.
Some folk think it can be used as an insult but most of us couldn't care less.
We spell our words correctly as Americans spell theirs correctly.. It's just a matter of whether or not you use 'American English' or 'British English'.
'I'm a Brit born and raised!'
by Nolfie April 24, 2008
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A British person. Can apply to anyone from Great Britain.
Not someone with crooked yellow teeth, big ears and a face that deserves to be punched. These are called rednecks.
Inventors of ~most modern day appliances.
Rule Britannia.
The Brits fucking owned those Argentinians.
The Brit SAS is the best fighting force on the planet. Evidence can be found in the Falklands and just about everywhere else.
by Anonymous. October 1, 2003
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a person who didnt know they were jealous of anything australian.
"Thank god for us brits that they only put Neighbours on during early afternoons, otherwise we might start demanding our programmes to be just as pathetically dire...."
by Jesus in a bin bag September 25, 2003
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An person who comes from the United Kingdom which stands as a bulwark of common law, democracy and tradition against the forces of evil. Someone who loves their country but doesn't have to get in anyones face about it. There'll always be an England! Rule Britannia!
The Brits play better football than anyone else in the world!
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
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It's strange that many (not all) americains seem to think that brits cannot spell the words HONOUR and COLOUR correctly, when it is the britsh that invented the language. Also I find it odd that some americains semm to think that the british dont brush their teeth. They should stop being so gullible as not all americains have what you would call a 'hollywood smile' with the types of food commonly eaten there.
Americain:You limeys cant spell. Hyuck.
by England Rulz August 23, 2005
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British Person! whoaa screw the damn americans it not a gential wart. Brit is a person born/rasied/ or a citizen of great britain (including Ireland). Us brits couldn't care less if you call us a brit
Me: I was born in England!
Brett: I'm an american
Me: I'm a brit and proud!
by mufcsammy May 18, 2008
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Anyone From the UK who is by nature a better person than any non-brit, and therefore does not need to parade their own patriotism and chant their countries name at every opportunity.
"Oh I see England won again"

"Thank God I'm a Brit, and not a Johnny Foreigner"
by Union Jack May 15, 2005
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