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You damned brits like bashing on Americans huh?

We can spell "mum" mom if we please. You want to "nickle and dime" us? We'll do the same with you.

British people go on the hunt and eat crumpets and hang a hell of a lot of people. And what's up with their damned Monarchy? I'd be like screw King and Queen stuff, I want a president. And why haven't you Brits had a black king/queen?

YOU IGNORANT BASTARDS. Except for the British folk who respect other countries, Americans like those British. British people we don't like, we call Brits. Simple as that.
Brit: Hello there chap! Care for a spot of tea and crumpets before we set off on the hunt?

American: What the hell are you goin' on about you Brit?

Brit: Eh, wot? You bloke! You'll swing for this mate and cheerios and rotting teeth, eh crumpets?

(Not really how they talk, I know. Just a little humor)
by Kirby G. September 16, 2009
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An MMORPG based on an older version of the game RuneScape. It is currently the number 3 minor site on the web,and in 2006 it won the 'Best RuneScape recreation award'. In 2007,they won 'Best RuneScape Based thread' and 54th place for friendliest MMORPG. It was started in 2005. They named their server the uber server. It's Uber Server is currently on version 3. Like Runescape,it has a variation of armor,weapons,towns,spells,ect.
hey wanna go to www.dodian.com???
by Kirby G. May 25, 2008
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