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MEN Love to cuddle with their girlfriends when their friends arent around. They love to snuggle with their girlfriend and hold them close.
will you cuddle with me please
by pooty February 27, 2005

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someone that is extremely stupid
mant that blizcock was so fucked up he fucked his momma last nite
by pooty February 13, 2004

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the colest girl in the worl! ppl think shes crazy and she is.... but we luv her neway
OMG did u c wat nnykirs was wearing today she looks banging!nigga!
by pooty January 29, 2005

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abbreviated name denoting either fantasy shag-bait for sad middle-aged men (spears) or fantasy shag-bait for slightly older sad middle-aged men (eckland).
That brit eh ? Phwoar.
by pooty October 07, 2004

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Young and inconsistently pneumatic blonde singer producing disposable bubblegum pop. Her material success provoked widespread social confusion and perverse degrees of hostility among young Anglo-Saxon males.
See all definitions above.
by pooty October 07, 2004

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