Commonly used phrase which was born as the blend of the colloquial terms 'bruh' and 'shit'.

Note: this word is completely unrelated to the demonym of those filthy Islands in Western Europe, that's right, Jersey and Guernsey. It is also unrelated to the shitty island if Great Britain.
Brit, step bro! Whatta you doing with those fish and chips?!?!
by not Zinkobes November 09, 2020
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A combination of a brat and a twit. Often confused with the word "brit", which is defined as a person of British descent.
by indsrule November 19, 2011
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a (very annoying) phrase used by americans to describe british (which is different to english!) people
i am british not a brit *grinds teeth*
by Colette2000 August 04, 2005
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Short for British, a person from the United Kingdom who can't spell honor correctly, probably hasn't taken a bath in the last month (yet still smells better than a frenchie), haven't ever had a true democracy or the freedom to bear arms, and calls soccer football. They also think that the term actually means all Americans and is actually offensive.
Brit: Cheerio to all you yanks
Group of Americans: The ... Smell ... can't ... breathe ............. Good ..... Bye .... Cruel ... World.
by booser March 22, 2005
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You damned brits like bashing on Americans huh?

We can spell "mum" mom if we please. You want to "nickle and dime" us? We'll do the same with you.

British people go on the hunt and eat crumpets and hang a hell of a lot of people. And what's up with their damned Monarchy? I'd be like screw King and Queen stuff, I want a president. And why haven't you Brits had a black king/queen?

YOU IGNORANT BASTARDS. Except for the British folk who respect other countries, Americans like those British. British people we don't like, we call Brits. Simple as that.
Brit: Hello there chap! Care for a spot of tea and crumpets before we set off on the hunt?

American: What the hell are you goin' on about you Brit?

Brit: Eh, wot? You bloke! You'll swing for this mate and cheerios and rotting teeth, eh crumpets?

(Not really how they talk, I know. Just a little humor)
by Kirby G. September 16, 2009
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Some sexy ass bitch who, quite simply, exudes awesomeness.

"Damn! Who is that fine ass motherfucker stumbling around with a bottle of wine in her hand?"

"That my friend, is a Brit"

by Brit (of course) April 17, 2008
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a girl who seems perfect on the outside, but is really a stuck up bitch who only cares about popularity.
girl1: I'm so mad at Brit right now
girl2: why????
girl1: she's so obsessed with being popular!!!
by tinkerbellsjifigo June 06, 2010
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