It's strange that many (not all) americains seem to think that brits cannot spell the words HONOUR and COLOUR correctly, when it is the britsh that invented the language. Also I find it odd that some americains semm to think that the british dont brush their teeth. They should stop being so gullible as not all americains have what you would call a 'hollywood smile' with the types of food commonly eaten there.
Americain:You limeys cant spell. Hyuck.
by England Rulz August 23, 2005
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Fucking pussies who think the're better than the U.S
Brit:America suck lets go eat crumpets we're cool brits
American: brits suk balls
by 5673 April 14, 2006
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The biggest music award in Britian. Some Catagories include:
British Male Solo Artist
British Female Solo Artist
British Group
Mastercard British Album
International Group
Arctic Monkeys have won best british band and Mastercard Album of the year in '07 and '08.
by TwilightCM January 12, 2009
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short for british people.
I'm british too, don't get me wrong Brits rule but they did a hell of a dumbass thing when they invaded India and took all our stuff *sigh*

viva britian. it owns.
Person 1: Brits suck.
Person 2: You're mom.
by pink polka dot June 16, 2007
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Anyone From the UK who is by nature a better person than any non-brit, and therefore does not need to parade their own patriotism and chant their countries name at every opportunity.
"Oh I see England won again"

"Thank God I'm a Brit, and not a Johnny Foreigner"
by Union Jack May 15, 2005
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* Used as in "Brits Out!": graffiti from Ireland.
* Man! those argentinians should punch the brains outta those brit's ears!
by Naty March 06, 2004
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abbreviated name denoting either fantasy shag-bait for sad middle-aged men (spears) or fantasy shag-bait for slightly older sad middle-aged men (eckland).
That brit eh ? Phwoar.
by pooty October 07, 2004
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