Punk band, started in the eighties, signed to BYO records.
Fuck You, Deep Inside Of Me, What Will The Revolution Change, Punk Rock Mom are my favourite songs by Youth Brigade.
by Kat September 8, 2004
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Douche canoes who snowboard wearing very bright, crayon-like colors, usually traveling in packs. Also, members of the crayola brigade think they are awesome snowboarders, when they actually suck.
Here comes the crayola brigade. What a bunch of douchebags.
by recneps90 September 1, 2010
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When a group of women with large breasts are walking in a horizontal line formation causing everyone else to make way.
"Holy tits man, back up. "

"Uh, why?"

"Cause there's one hell of a "Boobie Brigade" heading straigfht for us."

"Oh." (shuffles a little to left)
by SirBum August 23, 2009
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The snook brigade was in full force finding guerrilla juiceheads.
by Shnooks P January 9, 2011
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A thot is one that tries to, to put it lightly, have sexual relations with none other than, any guy ever. Now a thot brigade is as simple as that, a group of thots walking around like they own the place.
"Hey Jim, did you see that thot brigade?"
"Yeah they were at the mall Sunday searching for some guys to pray on."
by ShivyTheNinja January 30, 2018
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n. a group of heavy drinkers
Jose Contreras: Looks like the blackout brigade just walked in
Bruce Lee: Please! I could outdrink that whole group of p*ssyf*cks!!
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006
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The Police, modified from the popular term for police, 'pigs'.

The cause of much hilarity, the police have been comedy targets throughout the world for years...

"How many police officers does it take to break an egg?"
"None... the egg fell down the stairs of it's own accord!"

"I always wanted to be a policeman, but I failed the criteria... my mother and father are married."
"Oink Oink... do you smell bacon?"

"What do you mean... oh yes... here come the bacon brigade! Oy streaky!"
by Neil Baxter September 24, 2005
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