Is an action of a poker Player that just Been called a donkey. Not sure of the action of a donkey Replies Like a pig
Oink Oink Goes the Donky after He sucks out with his 5-2 Off suit(yoshi Hand)

Nym31harick29: wow stars your such a donk.
XXxXstarsandBarsXx: Oink Oink.
Nym31harvick29:You must be German.
XXxXstarsandBarsXx:Fuk yo couch.
by 3PNym May 14, 2007
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"Yo, did you hear that Jimmy got that Oink-Oink joint? They closed the whole school!"
by scottahb May 4, 2009
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When ur eating ass while the girl is shitting so ur eating her shit like a pig eating mud
Yo u oink oink with ur girl that nasty bro
by PBI69420 February 27, 2021
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Just a word like “oke” it sounds like you don’t give a shit about something.
Hey Roselyn, ur so rude. Person: Oink oink bitch! nobody cares.
by roselynvgxo February 16, 2018
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Pissy pissy oink oink is a phrase used to describe a fat dog that pees everywhere. Most commonly respected when used for a dachshund.
Did you hear Taras new dog is a pissy pissy oink oink
by Mypooisdry267 November 22, 2021
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