This is a group of intermingling twinks or gays. Usually travel in packs with flags demonstrating their gay pride.
Dude, did you see that group of gay bikers that showed up, what a twink brigade if I have ever seen one.
by Dudemannnn May 27, 2014
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A large number of people of the homeless persuasion gathering together in one place. They can usually be seen massing by bridges or wherever there are cardboard boxes to be found. Usually travelling in packs, when you see one member of this brigade you can usually find the rest. Markings include layers upon layers of winter coats, which aid in escape when confronted by predators by creating a mass of confusion, much like zebra stripes.
Some guy: Dude, I saw a trail of winter coats leading down to your block from the train! What the hell happened?

Some other guy: O that's nothing, the bum brigade was passing through. I think they migrated.
by kAte the great ! November 7, 2007
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Three guys who think they have all the swag, and walk around acting like they might even get a glimpse of a vagina that night. they also have that one extra guy, who isn't as much of an arse hole, but still isn't someone you'd want to be around.

Essentially, the opposite of pussay patrol.
Guy 1: Who are you guys?
Guy 2: We are the pussay patrol
guy 1: Weird you look more like the bumming brigade
Stereotypical gangsta: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH
by OhSh!tSon December 31, 2015
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Overly serious cyclists. These people can be seen on racers, sometimes in packs. So called because of their penchant for wearing spandex shorts and tops while cycling around. The Spandex Brigade are known for their flagrant disregard for traffic lights, signalling, one way systems and a plethora of other traffic laws they feel they are above.
I was trying to cross at a set of traffic lights in the city and nearly got run over by the Spandex Brigade as they ran through a series of red lights.
by JoeDredd May 23, 2015
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Left wing Do-gooders who believe that any diversion from their infantile world view should be countered not with reasoned debate or compromise, but with ad hominen attacks. Typically they silence discussion with epithets such as "racist", "sexist" or "homophobe" because they know that they would not survive long in a fair debate using Facts and Logic.
In the UK in the nineties, the rise in cases of HIV was mainly due to African immigrants diagnosed once they had arrived. Doctors tried to bring this to the attention of the health authorities but were called racist by the PC Brigade and forced to spin the story that it was due to unsafe sex by promiscuous britons, so failing to tackle the problem.
by R. Mcnaughton August 8, 2007
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LeLi Brigade are bunch of people consisting of Left and Liberal nexus in India. This brigade is in bed with Islamist to whitewash the atrocities done to native population of India especially Hindus for last 1000 years. This hypocrite gang is often found to be accusing the Right-Wing of all the bigotry they themselves promote and indulge into i.e. Suppress FOE &FOS, Intolerance, undermine democracy, promoting anarchism, dictatorship etc.
Maligning Hinduism is a standard practice among LeLi Brigade that shows no signs of slowing down as inherent biases exist among the foot soldiers of this brigade.
by AndolanJeevi March 20, 2021
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A group of friends who create banter as a group
the Banter Brigade made a fair amount of Banter in class today
by Banter Brigader #3 March 9, 2018
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