A group of large obese people who travel in packs
Four big girls were walking toward Beau and he said "Here comes the buffet brigade!"
by jollybean420 September 24, 2011
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A great punk band starting in the early 80's consisting of three brothers who believed that youth is an attitude.
Sink With California
Men in Blue
Belive in Something
Punk Rock Mom
by Peter G June 15, 2004
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A group of super fun and hot chicks who make every event or party they attend even more crazy and pleasurable than it could ever have been imagined! There are multiple chapters including Houston, Nicaragua, San Clemente, Austin and San Francisco.
We don't crash parties, we create them!
The Houston Party Brigade arrived at my birthday party and everyone started dancing!!!!
by Nas T Bone February 2, 2010
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The people who relentlessly defend anything Hillary Clinton has said or done no matter how damaging or unflattering. They trivialize the significance of legitimate concerns or evidence of law-breaking that should be investigated. Anyone who dares criticize or challege her record or political ambitions is attacked and labelled as part of the far-right or far-left fringe. These people consist of Democratic and Republican Establishment politicians , the Establishment media companies, lobbyists for Wall Street and corporate America, Hollywood and so-called unbiased journalists. They all want to help maintain the Establishment status quo and sequester the will of the American people. the establishment, The Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Wall Street, TPP, rich donors, foreign donors, Benghazi, Hillbots, Clinton Clones, Bernie Bros, Corporate America, foreign wars
I just ran into a bunch of members of the Hillary brigade in the parking lot. If you don't get on board supporting her Establishment agenda, you are the enemy.
by joecoolthefool August 30, 2016
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a group of 5 close friends who attended school together and have a deep trust and honour
the love brigade got together on the weekends to biddle
by jamesadams66 April 1, 2007
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A group of people whom behave unruly and distastefully when in public places. These "scabicals" often speak raucously and have very few manners when it comes to others. These groups can especially be found in places like parties, fetes or any other large gathering of festivities.
Derle - "I mean, no decency even at an event like school sports."
Ajni - "What did you expect, their all one big scab brigade"

Derle - "Look at those ghetto girls boy, this party is going to be interesting"
Chad - "Yeah you keep talking, but i'm gonna go follow that scab brigade"
by ChriDe February 11, 2011
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A random scapegoat created on the fly to absolve oneself of all blame.
"Sean! Quit shooting bottle rockets at me! I'm trying to sleep!"

"Mom it's the hotdog brigade!"
by Boxphoto May 13, 2019
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