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The word Yayuk comes from an American native language maning the lowest form of a human being. In the 1900', the french used the word Yayuk to point out a pile of dung. They would pronounced it like "Ya-Yuck", which then was transformed into Yayuk to eventually beome a name.
Eww, yayuk is right there, comming out of the horses butt!
by Kat June 20, 2004
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When Joan's boyfriend didn't come home for 2 days, she went totally bitchcakes.
by Kat August 13, 2003
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what finlay loves to do with men who dress as women
carrie, beautiful woman. Transvestite, fake woman. Finlay picked the transvestite to give him a good gobble.
by Kat December 12, 2003
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A bastardization of the word lunchin, which then formed the term lunchbox to describe an individual who is lunchin hard. It was then evolved into the "brown bag" (as one may use as a vessel for lunch). If you are brown-baggin it, you are trippin out, acting stupid, wayy too high for your own good, idiotically smashed; a drunken fool.
K: For sheazy, you are crazy my bizzle.
M: I'm brown baggin it, forshaganoff!
by Kat November 21, 2004
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The most coooooooooooooolest band in summers county. EVAR! LOL!
by Kat October 23, 2003
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Fun with ness at the end.
Also, extremely fun.
by Kat July 30, 2003
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