182 definitions by Kat

all in my business....nosey...not minding own business
man sarah..you u all up in my kool-aid
by Kat October 21, 2004
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1. symbol that represents the USA

2. clothing store for anyone who can't afford abercrombie or just doesn't have one around, Funny story- this shit's made in India, not to mention it only costs 5 dollars there. so the moral is sell it to the stupid americans who will buy it for 5 times the price
wierd, its called AMERICAN eagle.
Let's go try to find that shirt i saw in abercrombie in american eagle, cuz i cant afford it there
by Kat February 24, 2005
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I was talking to Henry and he called me a Caugaysian so I called him a Gayrab. Isn't being gay fun?
by Kat June 19, 2004
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BBC web game where you buy and sell shares in celebrities.
My Celebdaq shares have gone up.
by Kat September 06, 2003
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a tight crib to hang at, a nice spot to kick it, a place where all you and your homeslices chill, a good party with bottomless kegs, a location in which to congregate where little or no drama resides.
Were gonna roll up to Mike's house. It's a chill pocket.
by Kat November 21, 2004
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any kind of food containg ham, bread slices, fruit, sugar, and tomatoes all in one dish. Usually has the word "pudding" or "pie" afterwards to make it SOUND good.
shephards pie (for god's sake your eating shephards, man!)
mince pie (ewww)
by Kat February 02, 2004
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A bastardization of the word lunchin, which then formed the term lunchbox to describe an individual who is lunchin hard. It was then evolved into the "brown bag" (as one may use as a vessel for lunch). If you are brown-baggin it, you are trippin out, acting stupid, wayy too high for your own good, idiotically smashed; a drunken fool.
K: For sheazy, you are crazy my bizzle.
M: I'm brown baggin it, forshaganoff!
by Kat November 21, 2004
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