Expensive and flashy. The best money can buy.
by Bigjc33 October 23, 2008
The act of stating one thing but yet meaning something entirely different, similar to 'opposite day'.
So when you said you didn't want to help, what you meant was you did? Typical contreras move.
by stainless hawkeye May 30, 2010
Someone always taking the opposing side, usually always wrong too.
Ugh, Isabella? She is SUCH a Contrera!
by Dr. Kanye West January 21, 2017
Blues/Funk/Metal/Caribbean/Reggae/Jazz/Rock/Fusion band from Wootton H.S home of the mighty Patriots!
Fred: Oh man that QC show was so tight I was trippin on so much E that night.
Zach: Hell yeah dude I think we made out.
Fred: I am going to kill you in your sleep.
Zach: No way man I like Radiohead.
by Prosecution QC August 20, 2003
A bottomless pit. Distinguished by an egg-shaped head and inability to get out often. Often found playing a video game i.e. Pokemon, Warcraft, Word with Friends, etc.
"Dude you are such an Eduardo Contreras! You just ate five plates and still have room for more!"

"What you're gay? You must be an Eduardo Contreras."

"Dude don't be an EC, Come out with us tonight..."
by The_MMO October 24, 2011
The most sexy and humble guy that I know. Also I would smash him
Girl 1:Damn I would smash him Girl 2:I already have with Diego Contreras
by Your boi username June 6, 2017