23 definitions by Neil Baxter

1. The sound heard when one walks into a metal pole.

2. The past term for 'thing', that being a thong which a thuperb thinger things thplendidly.

3. The sound of a REALLY well thrown dart hitting the bullseye.

"Thaaat's the boooolz-high!"
by Neil Baxter October 11, 2005
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Jegg-hur. n.

One who imbibes alchohol in secret... often by 'disguising it' as a soft drink (i.e. swapping bottles), or hiding it in a brown paper bag.

Also vb. 'Cheg' - to drink alcohol covertly.
"Wow man! Look at that guy cheg! Cheggar! Cheggar! CHEGG-ARR!"

From National Lampoon's "Zany Jocks on Campus, Like AGAIN, dude".
by Neil Baxter October 14, 2005
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To secrete alchohol outside one's home to be consumed away from friends and relatives in secret... often whilst walking the dog or 'going for some fresh air'.
"Casper? Thy's not getten a Kestrel at all - your Judd's told me - yer Mam caught yer ovver t' wreck wi' some Diamond White... we all know's you Chegwin!"

(From "Kes... t' Director's Cut")
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005
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Trymm-bull vb.

To trip and stumble at the same time.

Also n. A cross between a Tribble and a Womble... a creature that breeds like mad, but always cleans up after itself.
"Och Cap'n it's they Trimbles... they're all over the engine room."

"What do you suggest we do Scotty?"

"I say give 'em a brush and shovel, and some mood music and leave 'em all to it!"

From "The Trouble With Trimbles" Start Wreck, Season 2.
by Neil Baxter October 12, 2005
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1. That fringe of fur beneath the tale of a shaggy dog that often needs the poop cutting off of it.

2. To remove said fur with scissors in order to 'de-tag' the canine chum thus making him/her more presentable and less stinky.
"I think that that bumsy needs a trimsy... where's them scissors?"
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005
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To sniff back a noseful of snot because either you haven't got a handkerchief or you're just too lazy to blow your nose.

This is the opposite of a "Pitmon's Hankie", whereby you press a thumb or finger against a nostril and blow forth snot through the other one onto the pavement.
"Stop snurching and blow your nose you derty get... I'm trying to eat me dinner here!"

From "Biggles Grebs Aloft" by Monty W. Bungingham
by Neil Baxter November 01, 2005
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1. Lancashire dialect used to wish someone farewell.
Abbreviated from "See thee" i.e. "See you (later)".

2. Lancashire term used to draw attention to something (compare with the Welsh "Look you".

"Sithi, ah'm bound for t' be goowin' in a bit. So I'll sithi in t' pub toneet!"

From "I bet the Yanks struggle with this one" by A. Northerner.
by Neil Baxter October 12, 2005
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