A group based in Seattle, Washington. Interested in promoting themselves in most every aspect. It was started at the University of Washington. They win intramural championships and throw bangers for day.
John: What are you doing this weekend?
Tim: I'm hitting up the revolution on Saturday night.
John: Oh yeah, the revolution is a must!
by Por'que February 12, 2011
1. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917

2. The phantom changes that will come about in the near-to-distant future; often uttered with bewildered, watery eyes gazing into a bleak distance, typically an overcast, smog-ridden urban skyline.
We shall elect a gay woman president....after the revolution.
by Albert Miaskovsky March 12, 2004
A term of retaliation due to the unfair punishment of 5 students attending Kemps Landing Magnet School in the 2002-2003 school year. Cory, Caleb, Peirce, Alex, and Peter were sentenced to several weeks of a punishment which involved eating lunch during our "focus" time and serving detention with Mrs. Bowers afterwards. This part of the punishment came only after months at an assigned table. The Revolution is to symbolize the uprising of the five against "The Gilbert". They demanded a gifted faculty, and several others.
Student 1: Hey Gilbert, The Revolution is upon us.

Gilbert: Ok, sure.

Student 2: We shall see, we shall see.
It is up to us to fix this system and stand up for our freedom, everyday our rights are being trampled on. Revolution is the key to preserving our natural rights.
by bunnywith August 8, 2008
The process of replacing a tyrant with a different tyrant
"The revolution is now complete!" said Napoleon. "Meet the new boss!"

"Same as the old boss," said a French peasant under his breath.
A good thing; working on it right now; all I need is some firepower, some followers, and a public stage to express views.
"A little revolution is a good thing"
-Thomas Jefferson
by Kaladbolg June 30, 2003