verb: To deliberately slander individuals or organizations though the use of selectively edited video released to the news media. Genesis: Andrew Breitbart used selectively edited video to slander the organization ACORN and Shirley Sherrod in the mainstream press. Once both of the full tapes were viewed, the allegations were proven false. The frequency of this technique shows an intent to deceive and a pattern in Mr. Breitbart's behavior.
Fox News destroyed the reputations of Shirley Sherrod and ACORN. Who will they breitbart next?
by Braised Cod July 21, 2010
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To attempt to fool someone with faked or doctored evidence. After Andrew Breitbart, who makes a living sending doctored evidence to gullible media outlets.
I completely breitbarted my girlfriend with that fake YouTube video!
by William Melvin Hicks, Jr. July 21, 2010
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Fox News is TV's breitbart.

Sinclair Broadcasting is a network of breitbarts masquerading as "local" news.

Donald Trump's cabinet meetings are always breitbarts.
by Queen Buttrix April 15, 2018
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To be killed under mysterious circumstances.
Don't say anything bad about politicians, or you may be Breitbarted.
by dorodog March 8, 2012
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That thing your racist uncle reads when he gets tired of Fox News
He's reading Breitbart again. I think he needs an intervention.
by Narukami August 24, 2016
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See Flaming bag of dog poop

What appears to be a red hot item turns out to be a smelly bag of shit.
It's amazing that people still fall for that Breitbart crap.
by Cat Chew July 21, 2010
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A sponge or pad used to wipe up Santorum
Bitch, grab that Breitbart over there and wipe this Santorum off my dick before it drips all over the sheets.
by WTFitsPuck March 3, 2012
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