1. noun: A bag full of faecal matter, otherwise referred to as "shit"
2. adjective: Used to describe something so bad that the adjectives piece of shit or merely shit no longer suffice to describe its inherent shitiness.
3. Adverb

Sometimes hyphenated, said as one word.
"Avril Lavigne is a bag of shit."

"They performed bag of shittily.
by Moses50a November 14, 2006
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A term in which is used by most commonly drug users.
Dealer: "How much you want?"
Customer: "Quarter ounce"
Deal: "This do for you?"
Customer: "Bag that shit."
by RawTing August 30, 2015
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A business term for something one gets involved in that can never have a good end result.
"This project looks like it's gonna be another flaming bag of shit. If I touch it, i'm either gonna get burned or come out with shit on my hands."
by Joel Tell October 24, 2007
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A stupid motherfucker that is "scene emo" and cries and is a stupid faggot all over you. They are either an emo bag of shit or you'd very much like to hit them with an actual bag of shit... hard... in the face.
eva- "ohmigod i got a yeast infection from my 00 supertight jeans im gunna cut my legs off and die a slow painful death in my room with mcr's cementary drive on repeat. goshhh!"

dory-"emo bag of shit." ::slaps with paper bag of human feces"
by Doryvette F. August 29, 2006
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1. noun: a person who is especially ugly - in particular, someone who is all fat, cock-eyed and out of proportion.

2. adjective: how one might feel after a big night out - in particular, upon waking up and peeking some natural light from under the quilt.
1. Man, that bird/dude looked like a bag of shit tied in the middle.

2. Dude, I really feel like a bag of shit tied in the middle, can you close the blinds, please?
by Ryan Paine December 27, 2007
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When you have to shit extremely bad when your water is cut off. You put a grocery bag over your toilet, and then get a few more. If you don't want to touch the water that the bag was in, that's where the extra bags come in. After you are through throw that shit out side somewhere.
Damn. It's 6 in the mornin and my daddy don't got his water on, so I improvised a an efficient shit. The grocery bag shit
by stolo2 February 18, 2011
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1. This rare term is used in certain violent conversations to fully and creatively express ones anger towards a particular situation.

Most commonly herd wile playing online games and or REALLY pissing someone off.

2. A person that just plain sucks.

3. An actual bag of monkey feces being thrown by a particularly enraged jackass.
1. superuber36, you flying bag of monkey shit! Why the fuck didn't you cast Lv.12 lightning!?!

2. fuck off You flying bag of monkey shit!

3. HOLY FUCK! Keven just threw a flying bag of monkey shit at us!
by Brandon Armour December 11, 2007
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