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A place where cowards with cultural authoritarian and pro-censorship leanings go to in order to evade criticism and calling out of whatever absurd ideas they may express, as well as ideas that are even slightly opposed to the safe space dweller's ideas. These are labelled as whatever kind of bigotry would make the safe space dweller look like a victim the most.
Colleges are supposed to be safe spaces! Why is someone like Christina Hoff Sommers allowed to talk in them?
by BlannyBloo November 14, 2015
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An imaginary place where overly-sensitive twats retreat to, when they are "assaulted" with ideas that contradict the narrative that was ingrained into their feeble minds.
Chelsea had to retreat to a safe space, when a free-thinker bombarded "her" with the fact that transgender people are suffering from a mental illness called gender dysphoria.
by Navi987 January 18, 2016
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A place where college students can go if they have been subjected to ideas that differ from the progressive narrative. These safe spaces have pillows, soothing music and an understanding, sympathetic staff. Presumably, this allows them to recover from the trauma; free from any lasting damage resulting from exposure to ideas that conflict with their leftist professors.
I attended a talk by Hirsan Ali, who was critical of Islam's subjugation of women. Fortunately, the school provided a safe space for me to recover.
by PBSPinchback April 25, 2015
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A place where liberals who think their victims of marginalization by systematic oppression go to seek shelter from non-liberals. Somewhere that provides authoritarian censorship of non-liberal ideas and speech that are enforced by the PC Police. The PC Police use imaginary phrases and terms about race, sexual orientation, religion and opposing political beliefs to bully, shame and guilt trip other people into complete submission to keep their space safe.
I can't live in a world where people have different beliefs from me that are outside my imaginary bubble so I go to the safe space to calm down from my daily micro-aggressions.

PC Police
by Poptart Unicorn March 07, 2016
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A special area located with a College/University where groups of easily offended melts meet up to have their asses talcum powdered by staff hired to babysit them.
'That professor told me third wave Feminism is a joke, that shitlord triggered me so hard I'm going to the safe space'
by Rekt92 September 18, 2016
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A mythical place just south of Never-Never Land and nestled securely between Oz on the east and Utopia on the west. Self-absorbed, overbearing, weak-minded college students seek "Safe Space" when they encounter an idea, concept, or most especially, an incontrovertible FACT that cannot be shoe-horned into their minuscule progressive minds.
You can't come in here with a recording device! This is a Safe Space! I need some muscle over here!
by JustTiredOfThis November 16, 2016
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A safe space is for people who didnโ€™t get their way and are so mad about it they go into safe spaces because they cant except It
Guy 1 : dude get out of your Safe space

Guy 2: no I will not go out of my Safe space until trump is not president anymore

Guy 1: *sigh*
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by Archneme5is March 17, 2019
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