When somebody all up in your business, just say "Off my dick!" Or when somebody's hating on you.
Girl: Eww, what you got on ?
Boy: Off my dick! Damn.
by bvtch_iball November 14, 2013
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can be used to replace: leave me alone, don't question my authority, shut up, or hello... or for any reason and thats why its funny
drink pussy...
get off my dick

why'd you break the fan?
get off my dick

why are you drunk at noon?
get off my dick

why are you coming back at 9am?
get off my dick

why would you throw a smoke bomb in your own room?
get off my dick

thats not a pirate flag, thats an american flag...you cant steal it
get off my dick

get off my dick

happy easter!
get off my dick

pass the ketchup
get off my dick

what can i get you to drink?
get off my dick
by get off my dick May 17, 2007
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Basically says "This does not concern me."
John: Hey can I borrow your history book?
Bob: Hell no bitch
John: But I'm going to fail my history test!
Bob: No skin off my dick
by borat412 October 09, 2010
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A term used when someone annoys you to an incredible amount.

Much more badass than saying something along the lines of "Please respect me and be more courteous".
"Dude why are you you doing your homework?"
-Get off my dick

"Dude why are you wearing a tupac shirt, you aren't black"
-Get off my dick

"So you still working at minimum wage?"
-Get off my dick
by Profficial January 07, 2010
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Simply means get out of my business.

More expanded it could be used in a situation involving particularly disgusting woman, man, dog etc.

or if the girl has herpatitis

Overall... the phrase is there use it whenever the opportunity presents itself. this includes (but is not limited too):
Example 1:
Joe: Your a total waist of air
You: Get off my dick

Example 2:
Otherguy22: ur a n00b lrn2ply
You: Get of my dick

Example 3:
Roommate: Your stuff is on my side
You: Get off my dick

or other random outbursts
by gridirondb8t April 22, 2007
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