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Another word for self important ridiculous behavior. A bottom dweller convinced it's on top. To lie to one self and everyone around it everyday to feel valued when in reality it's a piece of irrelevant trash. Like a shitty halloween costume trying to slut it out for a night and nobody's compliment is genuine. It is a trait usually found in small town whores pretending to be in a relationship while lying and cheating.
I walked around in a mask on halloween and saw shirley after shirley slutting it up in ill fitting dresses with a little spider or pumpkin painted on their cheeks..worthless and unimaginative.
by Iamjustice October 16, 2019
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A shirley has relations with a cancer patients bf and lies about it.
Melissa's bf had her while she had chemotherapy. What a shirley.
by Iamjustice July 22, 2019
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The devil comes in the form of a Shirley. Though most are convinced of the opposite. How can legendary singer songwriters be wrong of satan being a woman. A red head lying slut with daddy issues that needs approval and attention. Wierd.
A Shirley needs double digit likes on a face book selfie or feels worthless
..rightfully so. Fuck a Shirley and your dick burns. Literally.
by Iamjustice October 02, 2019
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I have to go to the clinic and get a shirley test. The stank led me to believe the dumb slut is unclean, thinks a condom is an apartment.
by Iamjustice December 09, 2018
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Personification of pure evil. Steals patient's medication to sell, depriving them of ethical treatment. A pit of despair built of entitlement, secret self loathing, and guilt stemming from past and present manipulations . A hypocrite and pseudo sneaky cheater. Completely delusional sociopath..cults prove anyone person can manipulate people even to the point of suicide aka heaven's gate , Jonestown, waco.. etc. A weak person is usually a Shirleys slave based on a threat of habitual lying and cheating. Faced with a strong alpha male a Shirley will retreat to the above stated to regain "control" with her manic nature feeling as though she's missed out or been cheated out of opportunities,which is false ego blaming. A true narcissist.
If you encounter a trailer trash Shirley get a shot of penicillin.
by Iamjustice September 16, 2018
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A shirley is like a trump..lies cheats and is in complete denial. A shirley is somebody that spouts racist bullshit while being too dumb to know they're racist. Yes indeed..people eat up a Shirley's lies like candy and perhaps a Shirley's fat ass should lay off them.
Man..she's bumping up sizes like a shirley.
by Iamjustice July 20, 2019
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To attempt make an ugly thing pretty. To be fake being a good person. To lie and deceive. A child pretending to read. A dog that thinks it's human. A fat girl wearing a bikini. Literally. A "victim " .
A small town bar slut looking for attention puts on her Shirley clown face to make herself feel "wanted" . All to cheat on her loser boyfriend.
by Iamjustice October 14, 2018
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