A person highly motivated and inspires other to do the same. Always full of energy and seems to add a smile to everyone's day.
"There is a Shirley in everyone's lifetime. Someone to add sunshine to another's gloomy day."
by Kelika June 14, 2008
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Refers to a female student with an ability to survive through thick and thin on nothing but her own epic. They are charismatic and can be annoyingly emo or annoyingly peppy, often varying between these two extremes at random. Shirleys often worry too much, but are loyal and caring.
You: Hey, Shirley.
Shirley: Ugh, FML.
You: What's wrong?
Shirley: I dunno, I'm just stressed.
You: Aw, come on. You worry too much.
Shirley: (sudden change of heart) Yeah, you're right. COW. HAHA. COW.
You: Haha, you're awesome?
Shirley: So are you!
You: Thanks!
Shirley: *radiates epicness*
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Shirley is the most beautiful , gorgeous , outgoing , strong , and sexiest woman alive! She is great kisser , has a nice big butt , and huge boobs! Even while young , she will have a sexy womans body with perfect curves! She is very unique and she will help you with all your troubles! She is usually tall and always majestic and she needs a big man to hold her close! She loves to cuddle and kiss alot!! Shirleys usually have had a ruff life but she will try to find the bright side of things. But dont let a Shirley fool you , under all that beauty is a BAMF! She can beat the shit out of someone then come home and cuddle with her man! She is definitely a dime! Perfect for any man!!
Shirley just beat my ass and lookd good while doinnng it!!!
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A person who cannot help but cheat on her partner all the time.
Always lies about her loyalty.

Blames another person after getting caught.
Often used as a name to call cheaters
Ohh you know his/ her partner is a Shirley.
by Sike... May 5, 2022
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someone who wears only a bra under her sweater or jacket.
by mother_helldog October 27, 2008
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