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To attempt make an ugly thing pretty. To be fake being a good person. To lie and deceive. A child pretending to read. A dog that thinks it's human. A fat girl wearing a bikini. Literally. A "victim " .
A small town bar slut looking for attention puts on her Shirley clown face to make herself feel "wanted" . All to cheat on her loser boyfriend.
by Iamjustice October 14, 2018
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A person highly motivated and inspires other to do the same. Always full of energy and seems to add a smile to everyone's day.
"There is a Shirley in everyone's lifetime. Someone to add sunshine to another's gloomy day."
by Kelika June 13, 2008
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Personification of pure evil. Steals patient's medication to sell, depriving them of ethical treatment. A pit of despair built of entitlement, secret self loathing, and guilt stemming from past and present manipulations . A hypocrite and pseudo sneaky cheater. Completely delusional sociopath..cults prove anyone person can manipulate people even to the point of suicide aka heaven's gate , Jonestown, waco.. etc. A weak person is usually a Shirleys slave based on a threat of habitual lying and cheating. Faced with a strong alpha male a Shirley will retreat to the above stated to regain "control" with her manic nature feeling as though she's missed out or been cheated out of opportunities,which is false ego blaming. A true narcissist.
If you encounter a trailer trash Shirley get a shot of penicillin.
by Iamjustice September 16, 2018
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Refers to a female student with an ability to survive through thick and thin on nothing but her own epic. They are charismatic and can be annoyingly emo or annoyingly peppy, often varying between these two extremes at random. Shirleys often worry too much, but are loyal and caring.
You: Hey, Shirley.
Shirley: Ugh, FML.
You: What's wrong?
Shirley: I dunno, I'm just stressed.
You: Aw, come on. You worry too much.
Shirley: (sudden change of heart) Yeah, you're right. COW. HAHA. COW.
You: Haha, you're awesome?
Shirley: So are you!
You: Thanks!
Shirley: *radiates epicness*
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A lying piece of shit whore that has cheated on every boyfriend she's ever had. Currently cheating and lying. You can tell by the stink of her rancid loose meat vagina hanging half way to her knees. Everything coming out of her mouth is a lie..Everything going in is a dick..Which doesn't explain why she's a fat ginger cunt.
Shirley got knocked up between four guys and couldn't decide who the father was..had an abortion then told people it was a miscarriage.
by Iamjustice August 11, 2018
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A lying cheating piece of shit whore. If you think she's loyal your e an idiot.
He's a joke and a pussy..must date a Shirley.
by Iamjustice August 11, 2018
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