when a group of friends get together to help out another friend who has a problem, like drugs, manic depression, beating his wife, etc. usually involves an informal get-together during which the friends all sit down and talk with the person having problems.
im calling a cookout next saturday for jim, its gonna be his intervention: he's gotta stop doing meth and hurting his children.

i will never forget how my friends held an intervention for me and got me off crack. i owe my life to them
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1. An attempt often by a group of people (typically family and friends) to have someone get professional help or counseling with an addiction. The word intervention is used when a traumatic event involves addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances.

2. The title of a television show on A&E. You can watch people struggle with their addictions. At the end of the show, the addict is surprised with an intervention by family and friends.
1. Ken: Where you headed to man?

Anthony: I gotta go home. My Mom and Dad finally decided to have an intervention for my sister and her sex addiction.

Ken: Damn! I better call your sister and wake her ass up outta my bed.

2. Shannon: Hey girl!

Linda: What's up girl!

Shannon: What you doing?

Linda: Watching "Intervention".

Shannon: Again?!

Linda: Hell yeah! This alcoholic-chick is drinkin' mouthwash like kool-aid!
by hmbell2002 January 27, 2009
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Usually a fight at a public location.
John: Get your hands off my girlfriend!
Katie: Settle down! You don't want to cause another intervention!
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The only bolt-action sniper rifle used by the Untied States Armed Forces. This weapon is famous for its high damage, accuracy, and range capabilities. This weapon fires a CheyTac very-low-drag spin round effective at up to 3000 yards. This weapon is ideal for the US because it scores very high for 4/5 criteria: Range, Accuracy, Damage, and Mobility. Since the weapon is bolt-action, it scores low for fire rate. This weapon is overall the best sniper rifle to date.
2,100 more Interventions are being deployed tomorrow...
by MW2 Freak January 8, 2011
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A sniper rifle in the game call of duty modern warfare 2 that could be equipped with a suppressor to make for silent kills, it made a comeback in the game call of duty infinite warfare with the name TF 141 which means task force 141 which was the main group of characters in modern warfare 2's campaign.
Friend "I love the intervention bolt action sniper rifle!"
Other friend "you mean the intervention from MW2"
Friend "yeah I mean that"
by Ultraman Nexus June 1, 2017
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the powwow where you confirm your scapegoat, and make the victim concede the guilt himself.
by raymers July 4, 2016
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(verb) Intervention; Joe wanted to get bombed...so as he lit the joint he said, "I feel like having an intervention." We all laughed.
by joe player punky master hand October 3, 2008
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