A girl, often very pretty, and perhaps a model. All the boys are after her and her gorgeous figure! She has amazing hair and a stunning smile!
Boy 1: OMG who's that girl?
Boy 2: That's Breeze
Boy 1: OMG i WANT her!
by littlemissyy<3 January 4, 2011
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"The third most badass person in the FAYZ"

She is the best character in Michael Grant's GONE series. She sometimes goes by the name Brianna (she doesn't need a last name because she is that cool). She is faster than a speeding bullet and is the coolest person in the FAYZ. Nothing can bring her down! Not being kidnapped and having her hands stuck in cement or a large dose of radiation or a bad burn to half her face. She keeps getting back up and fights the good fight. While she isn't selflessly ricking her lives for other people she is keeping their morals up. Things can get pretty depressing in the FAYZ but she keeps cracking jokes and makes the best of her situation, inspiring others to do the same. She is a role model and awesome to read about.

She is in a sort of relationship with Computer Jack, admitted to having a crush on Sam and she and Dekka are "badass sisters".

She is described as having red hair in pigtails and was 11 in the first book, GONE, and 13 in FEAR.
"Yes. Yes: I will play myself in the movie. The Breeze is way beyond special effects"

"When you get to hell, tell the gaiaphage the Breeze says 'Hi!"

"I'm the breeze bitch"
by Sinzzz April 19, 2013
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Shortened name for the supermarket Sainsbury’s
by L.t.d. December 30, 2019
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Breeze is a name is a name given to beautiful girls. She's involved in sports, like water sports, she's into swimming. If you have a Breeze in your life don't let her go. She's the friend that will always be there for you. Breezes aren't common so you might only have one in your life. She is always there to talk on the phone unless she's doing her water sport or school work. She's a teacher's pet and easily gets good grades. She gets all the guys and a lot of guys like her. She's the person to talk to when you need to talk to someone.
wow Breeze is beautiful.
by Hi I'm a squid November 2, 2019
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