1. To say something that is complete bollocks.
2. To say something while under the influence of either drugs or alcohol that is either unintelligable or is the above.
1. 'Eminem is an excellent rapper'
'You're chatting shit mate'
2. 'Frgh me ghracg uihiuh bhgh'
by adi bull February 12, 2004
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A saying to someone who is talking rubbish.

Originates from Widnes, North-West England.
"I had a date with a a fit bird last night" says roy.
"Chat Shit" replies Jim.
by gypsy dave March 29, 2008
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Someone or something:
*bending the truth.
*taking the piss.
*spreading rumours about close friends.

Chattin shit is usually a hereditory desease that is often brought on by the chatters own descretion. If this is a common thing, then it is known as a chattin disorder. A chattin signal with the hand can also be delivered at the same time. "Self chat" occurs when a person chats shit about themselves, usually purposely
Examples of chatting shit include:
Heppell reckoning timberlands are all sold out in leeds.
Shagging Fat birds.
Sexual deviances on the dance floor.
Urban Dictionary taking 14 weeks to check a submission.
Heppell: "lets go in this bar, its open till 2".
Basically Yeppell in general.
Rich moving to birmingham for the same job.
Steve chat.
Northy: "I just had sex outside amnesia!"
Northy: "I pulled 15 girls tonight"
Rich: "Here have our chips, you're crazy guys!"
Rich: "I'm gona buy clothes in ibiza, theyre cheaper"
by Beester January 20, 2006
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"did u know that blackscomedy snapped me bare times still"
"y u chatting shit?"
by chatting shit January 30, 2017
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Expression used to humiliate people who hate on someone or somethi
When someone says "Jamie Vardy sucks" and he then scores 10 BPL games in a row, you reply with "Chat shit get banged"
by Nerday November 22, 2015
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An earnest warning that any spurious criticism will result in a straight right to the jaw.
Me: Leicester surely can't maintain this for throughout the season
Jamie Vardy: Mate... chat shit get banged
by technicalJohn November 20, 2015
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A phrase popularised by esteemed philosopher, James Vardé in his 1903 paper, 'Net six and chill'.

Scholars have since debated its intended meaning. Leading theories suggest it describes a situation in which verbalising disparaging, ill-formed statements could result in one being assassinated via a firearm.
Person A: Why did you get this?
Person B: You told me to pick it up from the store.
Person A: I didn't say Chili Beef...
Person B: Yeah you did
Person A: I said wanted a Bombay Bad Boy you nonce!

Person B: Watch your language! Well, I definitely heard Chili Beef. And what does it matter, you like Chili Beef anyway. And can you please take that hoodie off and put it in the wash.
*Person A shoots Person B*
Person B: What on earth did you do?!
Person A: You lied, I never said Chili Beef
Person B: So you shot your own mother?!
Person A: Chat shit get banged
Person B: For god's sake. Call 999 please.

Person A: Fine. By the way, did you bring any vodka?
Person B: Yes, it's in the car
Person A: Good, I'm throwing a party tonight
Person B: Are you going to invite Charlie?
Person A: Of course I am ffs. Ambulance said they'll be 10 mins.
by Emmanuel Adebayor November 10, 2015
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