a vaporizer to get that sick nic buzz, commonly used by the cool kids in highschool. The equivalent to a Juul in Canada,

the reason we are all nicotine addicts. Can be used to make friends in the school washroom.
"Did you get a breeze"
"Can I hit your breeze"
"How much nic is in your breeze"
"Let's go take a breeze break"
"Can you fill my breeze for a mcchicken"
by sambenkoissick January 16, 2019
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vrb: to chat breeze
to say things with no relevance or to waffle (see waffle)

to speak complete bollocks.
by Matt12345 August 01, 2005
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to breeze is to run, or scarper
moving at high speed
"rah man that kid breezed when the filth arrived"
by mr majestic June 05, 2005
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