Breez is the girl, you meet and never forget. She is gorgeous tall. Usually have brown eyes and is very nice. She is loving and will show it once you are friends. If you have a Breez for a girlfriend, she loves you to the ends of the earth but sometimes it’s hard to see it. Breez is the girl you want to spend your life with and do anything for.
Guy 1: who is that?
Guy 2: that’s Breez.
Guy 1: She is beautiful, I wonder if I can get her number.
Guy2: go for it.
by HuggywuggymcDuffy November 6, 2020
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making out with at least half of the guys at the party.
man i went out breezing last night and i made out with 17 guys. it was heaven.
by lets get nasty, ya! May 16, 2010
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a word meaning to run, or move fast to a certain location. Alternatively it means to do something fast.
"come on man, we gotta breeze it"

"breeze it man, we gotta get this work done by 12"
by Alex H January 29, 2005
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standing very close to train tracks when a fast moving train moves past, feeling the air pressure wave and wind, getting an adrenaline rush
"When Eric hears the train horn, going to the tracks to get his breezing rush"
by Enzomac August 11, 2014
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London slang for talking nonsense, or speaking of something about which you have no clear understanding.
"Bingly bongly boo. Snippety-snappety-blarg. Goo ferplunk moo-ha ha ha."
"Man, don't chat breeze."
by Bonny lad November 11, 2004
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Farting under the blanket then wafting the wind of doom into face of bed mate.
Dude I totes gave Meegan a Swedish breeze of epic proportions last night. Smelled like shrimp chili and fear.
by SLyMcGillicudy May 25, 2015
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