violently moving something in circles with your hands
“go rick that rock”
“what’s ricking?”
“it’s violently moving something in circles with your hands“
by roguetigre January 18, 2021
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To fuck someone without a condom. To rick it.

See also ricked, rick
Her and I were ricking because I forgot my condom.

I rick it with her all the time because she is clean.

I got so drunk that I ricked some random girl! I hope she doesn't get pregnant.

by CPM1 December 27, 2008
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Catch phrase of SNL skit character Kaitlin, played by Amy Poehler, in reference to her stepfather Rick, played by Horatio Sanz.
One time I was on the trampoline with my roller skates on and I tried the back flip. But I jumped too high. And I flew up in the air. And I thought I was a goner. And time stood still. And I made eye contact with a bird. And the bird was looking at me like "You have not mentally prepared enough for this back flip, I will guide you safely back to earth". And then I landed but I was still so scared. And I ran inside and was like "Take me to Taco Bell, Rick! I need a tostada to calm my nerves! I need to make a run for the border!!" Remember that?! Rick! Rick! Rick!
by CupcakeMafia September 19, 2009
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He'll never gonna give you up
He'll never gonna let you down
He'll never gonna run around and desert you
He'll never gonna make you cry
He'll never gonna say goodbye
He'll never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
You should always hang out with Ricks, Ricks are cool to be around with!
by TM999 July 30, 2021
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hes a galactic drug dealer and he has a stupid grandson companion morty hes basically god.

Timmy:"mommy can i be like rick whe i grow up." mom:*watches rick and morty series"no."
by Rivlx January 17, 2017
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Joe didn't like to rick, but the end of their BDSM sessions always found him ricking the santorum from both partner and sheets.
by Spreadingthelove August 18, 2011
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