Fallout Alley Youth Zone, a term used in the GONE series written by Micheal Grant. Fallout Alley is what the small town in which the books take place is nicknamed (Perdido Beach) because of the nuclear plant that powers it, and it had a meltdown prior to the creation of the FAYZ. In the books all persons over the age of 14 disappear mysteriously, giving the Youth Zone component of the name. The FAYZ is what the situation that these kids find themselves in, not necessarily the people themselves. A great and impenetrable dome surrounds the town trapping all the kids inside.
...welcome to the FAYZ.
by LittleMissKate November 2, 2010
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Fayze is a beautiful name for a beautiful, unique and talented person! You don't hear the name Fayze everyday, but once you hear it or meet this beautiful person, they will sure to make an impact in your life. Fayze is someone you can trust and depend on, they believe in you and are always around to listen for you! Never mistreat a Fayze!
Fayze performed on the live stage at 8pm.
by Defining123 January 17, 2017
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Means big nub.... doesnt know how to start a computer.
by Nah Chill November 18, 2004
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A famous dungareeze model who has stared in hit catalogues such as 'Mini Modern', and after being asked in a tense interveiw whether he prefers 'spots or stripes?' he nervously replied ' stripes.'
His signiture looks have ensured him a place in his girlfriends heart. They are assumed to be the new 'posh n bex' or 'Katie n peter' or 'brangelina' of 2011.
The paparazzi have been pretty bad recently, with people lurking outside the A-listers house.
He also has a signiture dance move, named the clappy clap
This 'dude' is also on the potential line up for Strictly Come Dancing 2011, as well as possible (shh) replacing a well known celeb as a judge on X-Factor...
He is also a chess champion.
Me: Wow, who's that 'hawtty' in Mini Bodern?
My friend: well, that's Dungoh. He's really something...
*both fall on floor laughing*
Both of us: NOTT!
When watching X factor:
Me: *faints*
On TV:
Dungoh-Rhyse Fayze: We-ell, you certainly are quite spiffing! One likes you!

Me: hahhahha
On strictly:
Dungoh: *Does the clappity clap then falls over like on the ice show.*
general public: Let's vote Dungoh! (sympathy vote)
*dungoh wins*
by specimin101 January 24, 2011
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Abil Fayz is the best boy I have ever met. I love him so much<3!! He’s very funny, handsome, intelligent and kind person. He always writes me different cute messages. He makes me happy💓!! This boy is very attractive. He supports me and call me “dear” or something like this. I love him. And I want to be near him always
Abil Fayz
by vv0ry November 21, 2021
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