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Fallout Alley Youth Zone, a term used in the GONE series written by Micheal Grant. Fallout Alley is what the small town in which the books take place is nicknamed (Perdido Beach) because of the nuclear plant that powers it, and it had a meltdown prior to the creation of the FAYZ. In the books all persons over the age of 14 disappear mysteriously, giving the Youth Zone component of the name. The FAYZ is what the situation that these kids find themselves in, not necessarily the people themselves. A great and impenetrable dome surrounds the town trapping all the kids inside.
...welcome to the FAYZ.
by LittleMissKate November 02, 2010
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Means big nub.... doesnt know how to start a computer.
by Nah Chill November 17, 2004
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