Creating a permanent marking in a human or animal by heating a metal object, often molded to form the shape of the owner's initials, and pressed hard into the receipent's body.

This was common among farmers who branded their cattle to identify them as belonging to them. This can also be found in extreme BDSM and sadomasochistic scenarios, where the dominant partner "brands" the submissive partner as his or her own.
Jimbo enjoys branding his cattle.
by DirkD January 20, 2007
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Taking a piece of $hi* and spray painting it.
Adam: Did you see the crap they were selling in there?
Mark: Yeah, but the packaging and branding made it smell less awful...
by Etan Ilfeld November 28, 2009
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A marketing goal and methodology which involves elevating hype over substance; of imparting great value to the name whether or not the thing so named is worth anything at all.
Coca-Cola and Pepsi are successful examples of branding, even though the value of soft drinks and preferring one over the other is debateable.
by Songspirit April 19, 2006
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Any marketing idea that involves large amounts of money and no measurable returns.
Eric is a master of branding.
by Alligatorman September 12, 2005
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writing your initials on a girl with liquid energy, (ejaculate); it only counts if it is your own ejaculate
"I really like this girl. I think I'm going to do some branding tonight."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
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branding is a art form of burning sobody and leaving a mark to remember them (but connor taylor is the best brander)
bob branded (branding) ken to use as i.d.
by thebrander May 14, 2009
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Branding is when a girl and guy are making out. the guy has no clothing on and neither does the girl. the girl kisses all the way down the front of the guys body until she gets to his member. she gives him an hj which goes to bj then hj bj combo. While giving him head she massages his sack in her hands gently. then she kisses back up and they continue making out. this is the girl branding her guy aka claiming what is hers.
"hey guy, my girl branded me last night!"

"dude, that girl brands!"

"chasity and branden have been gong out forever but she hant done any branding! like wtf?"
by Lexsy September 10, 2008
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