The grouping of several items that share a common theme under one mark.
Branding all Virgin products involves adding a visual mark that is a bright red background and handwritten white lettering, with a common theme of fun.
by Non-conformist 2 April 06, 2016
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branding is a art form of burning sobody and leaving a mark to remember them (but connor taylor is the best brander)
bob branded (branding) ken to use as i.d.
by thebrander May 14, 2009
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To acknowledge that you and another individual whom you happen to be in contact with, at that place and time, are wearing brand name clothing from the exact same brand.
Tim: Thats a cool Hollister shirt Cole, where did you get it?
Cole: Same place you got yours you preppy douche-nugget.
Tim: Haha man, we are TOTALLY branding!
by thecoolcanadian March 28, 2011
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Branding is when a girl and guy are making out. the guy has no clothing on and neither does the girl. the girl kisses all the way down the front of the guys body until she gets to his member. she gives him an hj which goes to bj then hj bj combo. While giving him head she massages his sack in her hands gently. then she kisses back up and they continue making out. this is the girl branding her guy aka claiming what is hers.
"hey guy, my girl branded me last night!"

"dude, that girl brands!"

"chasity and branden have been gong out forever but she hant done any branding! like wtf?"
by Lexsy September 09, 2008
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Often used in gangs, cults, or other groups where there are owner and slave type relationships. When a dealer or pimp burns his or her street name or a symbol onto someone. Doing so shows that this person is now his or her "property", and if the branded person is caught working for another pimp or dealer then both they and the branded person are marked as enemies of the first pimp or dealers group.
1. Man, Joe totally branded the new girl last night.

2. Better be careful around her; I think she's already branded.

3. I think they're branding the new kid tonight.
by AcesGirl April 04, 2009
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Smacking your dick on a girls ass until you leave a mark of your dick on the cheek.
Oh hi son, I was just branding your mother.”
by Hunter9075 October 30, 2018
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