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You looked for "Freaks of the Industry" under M.C. Hammer? Idiot, that's by Digital Underground. You are so molded!
by Pickle April 12, 2005
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(Commonly pronounced "moded": to be embarrassed after losing a passionate debate or proven mistaken regarding factual subject matter, particularly if the mistaken person argued their point vehemently.
Dont tell me I'm stupid! L.A. isn't the capital of CaliforniaI just googled it and it's Sacramento like I said. You got molded!
by Southwest7 November 15, 2018
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(verb) a term used by fraternity boys to change someones character or persona during pledging
"yoooo that potential named is such a herb dude don't give him a bid to pledge"

"he is a herb but he can be molded"
by tommygeogs February 16, 2013
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slang. When some states a strong thought or belief strongly and gets proven wrong. A term that was used a lot during the 80s and early 90s. See rhyme kids used a lot when they found someone wrong of something.
HA!!! you got molded, corroded, your butt just exploded!
by eazy-x January 18, 2008
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Molded meaning when you got proved wrong or doing something that wasn't meant (Example: Lets say you fell that would be called molded.).
Friend: Seahawks blew out the 49ers! Me: I just searched it up they won! You hella molded!
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