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It literally means "know" in Scottish. Can also mean "know what i mean?" in Scottish.
1.Scottie: "Dae ye ken him?"
Translation: "Do you know him?"

2.Scottie: "It's fucked up, ken?"
Translation: "It's fucked up, know what i mean?"
by Glock21 September 24, 2005
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Barbie's ex boyfriend, who has been rumored to have caused the relationship to end by having sex with Barbie's sister. He is currently playing the field, and it seems he has multiple hot girlfriends now.
Damn, Ken's got all the bitches after him now. Too bad Barbie and him broke up. He could have been her sugar daddy. Now she's out on the streets having sex for crack.
by Jinny Dean July 16, 2006
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The most amazing guy on the entire planet.

Sweet, Cute, Romantic and Incredible in bed
I fell in love with Ken
by trixxxie July 26, 2009
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a very kind guy, that makes you smile everyday, he gots swag, intelligent, unquie style, sweet words that will make you fall in love,shoe head, hyphbeast,yao ming :D aha i love you<3
ken is the bombdiggity !
by Fry rye March 21, 2009
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Ken can be anything and everything all at the same time.
I feel as tired as ken.
This game is as fun as ken.
I'm as pissed as ken.
by Rugbylad20 October 25, 2013
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The most amazing person I've ever met. He always makes me feel like home when i look in his eyes. He's the kind of person who will love you endlessly and be there for you no matter what. He's makes you feel special and happy in any situation. If you ever meet him you'll never want to leave his side.
Ken is so wonderful.
by Maraaaaaaaaaa September 05, 2019
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