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One who watches ANY film, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.
He's a total film slut--I can't believe he watched all those crappy movies!
by Etan Ilfeld June 17, 2008

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Taking a piece of $hi* and spray painting it.
Adam: Did you see the crap they were selling in there?
Mark: Yeah, but the packaging and branding made it smell less awful...
by Etan Ilfeld November 28, 2009

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A synonym for the New Testament, which is the sequel to the Old Testament.
Wendy: Have you read the Old Testament?
Jimmy: Nah, but I did read The Sequel which was mildly entertaining...
by Etan Ilfeld November 06, 2008

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An email account you give out freely but don't really use.
Wendy: "I can't believe you gave them your email, you're gonna get spammed up the wazoo!"
Jim: "Don't worry, it's just my slut email."
by Etan Ilfeld June 04, 2009

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To do something fantastically obnoxious while seeking attention.
Often involves embarrassing those around you.
The fashion show is about to start. So, please don't pull a Bruno on me!
by Etan Ilfeld December 12, 2009

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Contemporary neo-futurist aesthetics are inspired by the futurist movement of the early 20th century: The machine becomes an integral element of the creative process itself, and generates the emergence of artistic modes that would have been impossible prior to computer technology.
It would have taken the futurists an eternity to create the neo-futurist art that computers have made possible in the 21st century.
by Etan Ilfeld September 28, 2009

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Showing off without being flagrant. “Bling” without the “G.” Understated flashiness--usually without an identifiable brand.
Checkout that blin necklace—I wonder if it's by a famous designer?
by Etan Ilfeld June 13, 2008

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