It is basically getting ur dick sucked or deepthroated
My girl gave me some good brain last night
by DaSauceGod October 21, 2018
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Mom: Think before you act
Me: Can't, I don't have a brain
by Asian clone #81738862 June 05, 2021
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1. The act of successfully using the big phat hopefully juicy and curvy organ placed inside your skull at the very top of the inside of the head.
I don't think he/she/they can brain.
by Rollingg_skytree April 13, 2021
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Digital Scales or Calculator. A device that in some way initiates more then the normal brain activity to use. Commonly used in or by Criminals.
Hey you got brains? Or Bring your Brains or I can eyeball it.
by LordRainn August 26, 2019
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someone; “I hate Marissa!”
me; “I knew you never have a brain!”
by aerondiscord July 01, 2021
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A fucking little piece of shit that makes your body work. It’s good for that and that’s it. Because then it decides let’s have the same fucking dream three days in a row and have be about a shit ass girl at school. It decides ok this happened let’s think about that for the next 4 years.
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