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When a man takes his nut sack gym bag and places it as close to the face of a sleeping victim as possible. A picture is then taken with the balls/victim in the same photo.
Chris fell asleep, so I brained him.

Braining is fun, but my nuts get camera shy.
by Amber June 01, 2004
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V. To Hold the scrotum out of the top or bottom of your shorts. sort of making it look like a brain. To show this to someone or catch them off guard with it is the best thing.
"Hey man look over here!"
"Dude thats gross, put it away!"
"haha you just got brained!"
"thats braining for ya!"
by xbballbrandon23x September 28, 2009
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The process of splitting a pre-killed mouse or rat's skull from the shoulders to just above the eyes to expose the brain. Braining is used to increase the smell of the mouse/rat in order to seduce difficult snakes to feed.
My Ball Python refused food for over a month so I tried braining the mouse and it ate immediately.
by Shiz Nickles September 14, 2008
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The act of giving oral sex, or a blowjob.

The word is usually used by ganstas.
Bob: I heard you got a new girl?

Maxwell: YAH! Last night she was braining me!

Bob: Like I need to know...
by IKnowIt203 July 22, 2009
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The act of squeezing your ballsack to form or what looks like a brain.
Bill: Jeez did that man just flash his nutsack.

Johnny:No you jackass he braining us.
by Blueswan October 08, 2015
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