1) To stop moving.

2) Slang for cocaine.
1) FREEZE! Drop your pants and grab your toes. I'm gonna show you where the wild goose goes.

2) Steve got himself out of a sticky situation by telling the cop that his bag of freeze was actually a bag of flour he was bringing to his grandma to help her bake some cookies.
by Nick D February 25, 2004
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When your face goes numb after doing cocaine.
"He's got the freeze."
by Mark December 1, 2004
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A female who is unwilling to kiss, or do sexual favours for their boyfriend.
by brendan May 6, 2004
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The opposite of a burn/roast. Used when someone makes a bad comeback.
Person 1: Your mom!
Person 2: OOHH, FREEZE!
by marioisthebest June 21, 2022
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1.To Super floss with crazy mad diamonds and platinum jewelry.
2. To fake a person on the basketball court so bad he falls down or cannot move and defend.
1. Super MC jumped out the Lex piece with his wrists and neck on freeze.
2. Kobe Bryant shook left, blew right and left the man sticking him on freeze as he took it to the rack
by Eric B June 8, 2004
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a breakers stall where your moving and suddenly stop like your frozen.
Airbaby is a dificult freeze.
by blazed December 9, 2004
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Similar to chilling, but to the next level.
Todd:Hey ceaser, would you like to come freeze at my house?

Ceaser:Yeah, vato, I'll ride my tricycle over to your apartment complex.


by schecteribanez October 26, 2008
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