Something you lack if you have to type it on this website.
by 2Kewl4u February 28, 2015
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Something you probably don't have.
That person has no brain.

Do you know who i am talking about, don't you?

Probably not, if I'm correct ...

Want me to draw what i just said?

Why are you even losing your time with this definition? Go away.
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by Lethzya November 24, 2017
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Something you probally don't have.
What? Am i right or you lost something here? Just keep reading the other definitions for brain.
by Lethzya November 18, 2017
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When a girl sucks your dick soooooo good u wish u could cum more than twice without your dick hurting. It makes yo dick happy. Licking the tip and crown will make yo mans moan hard as fuck. That means u giving him brain.
James: Oooooh fuck I thought oral sex was bad but this is really nice 🤩
Erika: *lick lick* mmmm your dick tip is good😛 that brain was good right??
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by ThisIsO.T May 09, 2018
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something I lost when I was 2 months old.
me when I was born: hi world
my parents: we should probably drop it as hard as we can on the floor
thats how I lost my brain
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by if you raed this u gay October 29, 2018
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1. Cerebral prowess, smarts, wit, exceptional knowledge; the greyish pink electric mush inside your skull, dura matter
2. An extremely sought after zombie delicacy.
1. If you had as much brains as guts, what a clever fellow you'd be!
2. Braaaiiiiiinnnnnsssss!
by postertheif January 27, 2020
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