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Maxwell is a phantasmagorical person who never knows how to disappoint. A Maxwell will always make his girl feel like she's one of a kind and the only girl in the world. No matter what he does, he's always considered cute, loving and adorable. Maxwell plays sports, watches NCIS, and loves funny movies. He is a great baseball catcher but an even better pleaser. He will act like he's cool and all but in reality he is a sweetheart. His girlfriend likes him tremendously and can't wait to see him everyday. A maxwell is prone to having a weakness for ass and for boobs. Basically, he is the best Maxwell on the earth.
Person 1: Who is that insanely attractive guy, who also happens to be watching NCIS?
Person 2: Oh that's Maxwell!
Person 1: Man I wish I was his girlfriend.
Person 2: Join the club.
by Little Nugget May 19, 2013
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Maxwell is often known as Max. He is extremely althetic excelling in sports. Often is known for running. He knows how to impress the ladies, but he has that one special girl on his mind. He tall and extremely attractive. He falls for a girl very easily because of his big heart. Well liked by everyone.
Maxwell means amazing
by guccidefinitions June 27, 2017
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maxwells are certain crazy, unreadable types of people, who no matter how hard you try to figure them out...its a lost cause.

maxwells are amazing at random hours of the night...mhmmm, yes i know what that sounds like, and im not gonna change it...

maxwells have a tendency to make certain ppl who im not going to mention a little teensy weensy bit unnerved

but maxwells make those same unmentionable people want to laugh and smile more and thats ok...good even

and just for the record, that wasn't brutal, was it?
even in the wee hours of the am maxwell made the fact that an all-nighter was inevitable, bearable... and in fact okay.
by cutiebadootie April 04, 2007
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A South African word for 'bollocks'. The word was coined in the 1980s by South Africans who came to realise that English men called Maxwell talk nothing but bollocks.
Pork Scotch: I've got a girlfriend.

South African person: Maxwells! That's not a girl. Its a vampire turkey from hell.
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A maxwell is the most amazing guy you have ever met, he stands up for people and he appreciates you for who you are, he also loves to joke around and he just wants to be around you all the time. He gives you gifts and always comments how beautiful you are, he can swing both ways, and he loves irish... he is great in bed.
Person: i need a good time

Person2:get a maxwell, he is great in bed.
by sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy30 November 04, 2010
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Coming from "Max" and "well" these two words add up to be maxwell meaning ultimate feelgood.
by flippingosh February 20, 2006
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