Fuck or screw, not love just done to get off. No particular speed or place.
Jane, let's go boff.
by Roger of Moore's Law April 27, 2004
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Another word for vomit, munt, spew, etc. Seems to be a mainly Melbourne term.
Ergh, I feel so seedy. I think I might go have a quick boff in the bushes.
by jigsaw youth. April 12, 2011
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An insult which is used against people who are clever. It doesn't make much sense because being clever is not a handicap. So all the people who use boff as an insult should try to do a sum which is easier than 2 + 2 , although I doubt their brains would manage it. Then they will find that being a boff is not such a bad thing. It is certainly better than being a chav
Chavette: OMFG ur such a boff.
Boff: Better than being a chav with no brains, like you.

Etc etc.
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An ultra fast or speedy single dry hump or a quick fuck
please to boff your FUPA
by Ed Supreme December 09, 2003
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To Boff is to close a deal in a sales environment with little or no hope that the deal will stick or an invoice raised pertaining to the order will ever be honoured.

It is an effective sales tactic only if you know you will be in a job no longer than 3 months.

Effective ways to "Boff" would be to uncover personal details by playing a game.

i.e "Can I guess your bank details?"

Or to do it by sleight of hand. i.e. "If you give me your address I can send you out some information" in the full knowledge that you will gain bonus from this poor schmuck whose getting some junk mail they may never make use of.

Excessive "Boffing" can lead to unemployment or excessive office bitching and should be avoided at all costs.
"I just boffed one in!"

"That deal was such a Boff"

"Does he know he's just been Boffed?"

"You are such a Boffer!"
by Ben Hawkes October 19, 2007
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