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To have and amazingly overwhelming sexual desire... usually fulfilled by (masturbation) or (porn). Thinking about a sex idol of a person may lead to them getting horny.
After that steamy fucking session... i was so damn horny!
by Lauren June 18, 2004

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The best designer of purses ever.
I just bought this Dooney & Bourke purse yesterday at South Coast Plaza.
by Lauren April 02, 2005

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when you blow directly on someone's bare skin resulting in a tickling sensation for the other person and makes a 'farting' sound, usually done on ones stomache
I gave my boyfriend a raspberry the other day and then we just started tickling eachother
by Lauren November 14, 2004

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The Bassist from the awesome band My Chemical Romance. Brother of Gerard Way, the singer of My Chemical Romance.
Use your inhaler and pull a Mikey Way.
by Lauren February 19, 2005

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1. a drug that is laced into another is snuck in without the consumers knowledge. ("man, that weed i smoked last night was laced with cocaine")
2. dressed up in ("that rich bitch was laced up fine")
by lauren August 30, 2003

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enigmatic, ethereal being whose voice resonates within the souls of the wounded
You will never be as good as Maynard James Keenan.
by Lauren April 12, 2004

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When girls perform oral sex on a guy their heads bop up and down like a chicken. Refers to girls who can do the job FAST. Also refers to girls who give blowjobs to anyone.
JOE: I'll let that chicken head blow me anytime!
BOB: Pass that ugly bitch around then!
JOE: I'll hook you up guy. She'll blow anyone.

JEFF: Dude, my girlfriends a CHICKEN HEAD shes so good!
RYAN: You lucky bastard...
by Lauren July 05, 2004

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