also defined as a rubber, or jimi-hat, raincoat, and many other aliases, the business suit is the contraceptive device put on by one party who is ready to give business to the other party. More than likely, a latex condom.
I was so ready to give her the business, but I had to put on my business suit first.

What business does she have in that skirt? I better go get a business suit, she's about to get some business...
by jtnasty August 3, 2009
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Waking up naked with a boner...Ready for business. (Stems from Birthday Suit)
Woke up Sunday morning with my Business suit. Brooke was looking so hot, I was ready to go.
by ynbk June 17, 2009
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The state of being naked. South Pasadena variant of "birthday suit"
"Hey Kim, Let me see your Business Suit!" / "What do you think I am?? Cheap??
by abcde12345abcde12345 July 13, 2011
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Wisconsin Business Suit

The business attire of your typical fat ass Wisconsinite.

The Wisconsin Business Suit is usually made up of Dockers pants, a golf polo (typically Under Armour or Nike), a brown or black belt, which may or may not match the Kohls Department Store purchased lace up dress shoes. A cell phone attached to the belt is optional and often considered to be in good taste.

This look is often accentuated with the "Dunlap" or "cheese tank" which is the gut of said fat ass hanging over his belt.
Example One:

Wisconsin Man 1: Hey, what are you wearing to the big meeting in West Bend tomorrow?

Wisconsin Man 2: Just got a new Nike polo and a pair of sweet Dockers from Kohls that were 88% off.

Wisconsin Man 1: Dude you always out dress everyone.

Example Two:

Scene - Business Conference In Vegas

Man 1: Jesus Christ, who are all these fat fucks wearing pleated Dockers and polos? God they look like shit.

Man 2: It looks like some fat fucks from the Mid West.

Man 3: Yeah I grew up in Wisconsin. They're rocking the Wisconsin business suit. I'm so ashamed of my heritage. (hangs head in shame)

Man 1: Well if they're half as stupid as they are fat, this should be the easiest sale of my life.

Man 2: For sure. God who the fuck dresses like that?

Man 3: My friends and family.
by RickySpanish121 May 7, 2019
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Redhook ballcap, old flannel shirt, worn T-shirt with the Rainer Beer logo, cut-off levi's and work boots laced up half way.
Dude, as I saw the dude in the Seattle Business Suit go to the beer isle, I didn't know what he was gonna get, some micro or dreg, like Schmitt or something, yeay? Then pronto, he bought both.
by A W Horner III June 18, 2008
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An incredibly stylish and completely appropriate form of attire adopted by our wonderful friends to the North. Consisting of denim jeans, a long sleeve denim button-down shirt, and of course a denim jacket. This outfit is typically accentuated by a cowboy hat and bolo tie. This fashion is far too advanced for Americans.
"Hey look at that guy over there wearing the Canadian business suit. He must be a professional hockey player."
by IKCORT May 14, 2009
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