(Computer geek)
Science boffin

Origin: Boffin was a common colloquial term used in Britain during WW2 for the technical experts, the backroom boys, who were helping to win the war

An affectionate term, but with some practical fighting man’s scorn for the academic brain worker

Those boffins are always studying for their exams

Lindsay is such a boffin
by Alex October 21, 2003
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Colloquial word used to refer to highly trained specialists in their respective fields; especially when the exact field of specialty is unknown.
Usually used when an new and unknown piece of technology is being discussed, and having no idea what branch of speacialty is responsible.

Used commonly in 60s and 70s British spy movies and war movies to infer generally to clever people developing, researching weapons etc...

The Boffins at the laboratory must have worked hard to make this new flying car....

Who knows how it works? That's one for the Boffins....
by RobbieY July 1, 2006
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Scientist /egghead; highly qualified in his field . Someone who knows a great deal about very little .
Origin: 1930's/40's Royal Air Force slang .
1.The Boffins at the research lab have once again saved the day and avoided catastrophe .

2.Barnes Wallis was delighted to join the Boffins at the central research aerospace lab .
by Peter T July 3, 2006
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A Smart person... usually used by chavs to make fun of people who are NOT illiterate
Chav: You garbled boffin *Possy laughing HUHUHUHHHUHUHUUHUHUHU *fapfapfapfappf"
by Hrocky March 22, 2009
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What dumb people call clever people to make up for they're own dumbness.
Some sort of Lame insult to clever people.
Dumbass: "you are such a boffin"
Clever Guy: "you hav the I.Q of a Hair."
Dumbass "whats I.Q?"
Clever person "haha Dumbass. You Suck"
by www.stereocollision.tk May 23, 2004
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in the deep dark depths of bourtreehill Scotland there is a place so foul and stingy that any natural wildlife has vacated the premises the river is a colour unknown to man and the acidity is higher than the Chernobyl water deposit. the flats are so manky and rotten that no one even lives in them any more the junkies now inhabit the higher levels and use it for dodgy deals and overdoses. for consumables we have the local corner shop which has a till made from cardboard we also have the boffin bar where u can get shot/chibbed for 5p be sure to head round the back of the pub for some free STIs and diseases. overall a lovely place.
where did u get chibbed ? oh boffin not suprised.
by bradley allison September 20, 2020
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