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the elite of the yellis (seagull), the kings, who visited 2 7th graders and made them prophets
if you see a yellis you will collapse in awe
the only example that ever happend was when the crazy yellises endowed the 7th graders prophets in Palo Alto, California
by Gusto March 23, 2005
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to tie a piece of bacon to a piece of string and invite your partener to swallow it. then rut them up the arse, holding onto the piece of string, at the moment of climax pull on the sring, causing your partener to gag and giving you an even tighter hole to bring you off. (probably for homo use only)
when it was my turn to dominate i gave roderick a damn good fletching.
by Gusto December 31, 2004
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the REAL word for "seagull"
created when the crazy yellises came to visit me in P.E and made me a prophet for them
they told me that the real word for seagull was Yellis
see crazy yellis
damn dude look at all the yellises
by Gusto March 23, 2005
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Person 1: Dude what are you buying for lunch today?
Person 2: Dude my mom didnt give me money for lunch today so im brown bagging it.
Person 1: LAME!!!!!!
by Gusto September 23, 2005
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To act like a simon ..... total lack of enginuative skills ..... acts before thinking ..... the Homer Simpson of the human race
Relvis called me a "Simonizer" becuz I was beeing a Simon
by Gusto August 7, 2003
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a hoobob of higher class... snoobobs live in their cars, they have obtained this rank by winning matches at hobo stab fests
look up "hobo stab fest"
look up "hoobob"
dude this neighborhood is full of snoobobs
by Gusto March 24, 2005
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Have you ever seen the comercial with the greasy giant buff dudes posing and playing basketball? Than in the backround you hear the super hot chick say "I want your bod!"
Well now thanks to this vile comercial the word "bod" has a extremle negative connotation.
Dude dont bod the shot! dont bod it!
Dude this show is hella bod lets blow this popcicle stand!
Quit bodding me!
by Gusto March 15, 2005
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