B.O.D. - Big ole' dump.
Damn dude what the hell is that smell... oh, it's Lily taking a bod!
by Vinh T June 23, 2007
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Verb: to fail to finish a (usually alcoholic) drink. May be combined with a descriptor of your choice, eg "donation bod" (giving the remnant of a drink to a friend).
It's bad to bod a bud in bed.
by Mark March 15, 2004
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Shoretened version of body (i.e butt, boobs etc.)
Boy 1: Has she got a good bod

Boy 2 : hell yeah she thick
by MMc_04 October 11, 2017
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Black Out Drunk
/blak/ /out/ /drəNGk/

To be so intoxicated that you black out.
"Black out, or back out!"
"Let's all get BOD tonight!"
by dizzlelemieux December 7, 2011
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Acronym for "Beginning of Day" used by colleagues of office spaces to start their day. Preferably a BOD is initiated using an online messenger service such as MSN or Gtalk.

BOD is often extended using parentheses and/or semicolon "BOD();", indicating the use of a method in programming languages.
Renji: BOD()!
@: Woo, another fresh day at work!
Whacko: bah -_-.
Ollie: Teh worruk, NOOO!
by Renji March 8, 2007
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“If you don’t know you are one
Hey look at marla she is really a bod

Dang those guys are such bods
by YoItsBodMon March 25, 2018
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An acronym for the phrase "Bounce On Dick."
Donna totally wants to BOD with Chaz.
by BeckyTheHornyWitch November 23, 2013
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