Another meaning for thief, Can also work for both past and present.
You bod my money, you bod my tweet , you bod my wallet, You are a BOD.n
by Tomlee090 October 1, 2022
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Bong of Destiny

Originally a piece of Satan's horn out of which JB and KG smoked after vanquishing him back to hell.
JB: "Dude, get the DOB."
KG: "The BOD?"
JB: "Yeah, the Bong of Destiny."
by JBii November 28, 2006
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Black Out Drunk When you get drunk and suddenly can't remember anything that happened from a certain point on.
I went out last night and got BOD.
by DAWC October 15, 2007
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This is a powerful gang wich started in gilder and has recruited many people and established a name in society!
I am from BOD
by RottiMaster March 13, 2017
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a goody goody who always does what they are told and are usually gay!
one major example is that quir on big brother called john tickle
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