1. The scariest damn show ever to be created for the enjoyment of children.
2. A show in which a boy in a dress comes hurtling towards you.
by Phantastic Fox March 12, 2004
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Adj. hard, tough, gangster.

Founded in Marietta, Georgia in the early 2000's
by A Law February 1, 2005
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Bod is a term used in the UK, usually by a chav or kev. It is basically a name given to someone in a gang or crew.
Plural: Bods
Yo, kid, pass me ya phone, or I is gonna set ma BODS on you!
Bods? You ain't go no bods!

Did you hear 'bout Tom? He's become a bod!
by ressurectionjoe September 21, 2005
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A slang term for a Fart/Gas/Trump/Pump/Raspberry/The passing of wind, this is when a human exhales excess gases, mainly methane from the rectum, ultimately the arse
'I went for a shit, nothing came out but a bod'
by Gogen June 27, 2007
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BOD Bringer Of Death, used in online FPS games etc to denote skilled player.
Stay clear of ( name ) he/she is BOD, you don't stand a chance up against him/her.
by applecatz September 29, 2007
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The Difinition of Bod is one without pubes hair grown around the genitals. Well thats wat it means in England an has nothing to do with the scum of the world chavs.
Someone gets there pants pulled down in the changing rooms: "look he's bod, ha ha ha!"
by Jo777jo777 November 12, 2006
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