11 definitions by teknonutter

Slang term for unbridled, horny, lusty, toe curling, sweaty, passionate sex.
Fancy a good old shifterooney darling?

That girl deserves a shifterooney, she is so damn fit. Oh how I'd love to give her some right old shifterooney!
by teknonutter July 13, 2005
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Someone who attracts women wherever he is. Doesn't need to try, the women just flock round him.
He's a right pussy puller.
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
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When someone gets beaten up so badly, they become physically unrecognisable.
If that cunt even so much as looks at my girlfriend, I'll give him a good ol' pasting!
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
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Is a fool, a right prick with a massive dose of naivety and no backbone. A person who has no respect for himself and hasn't any respect from others, a doormat.
That Dave's a right fucking bod. He caught his girlfriend giving his best mate a blow-job and getting licked by his brother but he still took her back, what a fucking bod!
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
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Loom is another word for having sex, getting layed, to fuck etc
Oh yes, look at those legs, I'd love to loom her, I'd definitely give her a good looming.
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
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A rubbing motion inside & around a female's sexual organs with hands & fingers, to hopefully arouse and ultimately bring to orgasm.
by teknonutter June 22, 2005
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Is an alternative expression for slap and tickle, sex, shag, a good time, romp, fuck etc
So, did you get some good old 'jiggery poker' last night then?
by teknonutter July 6, 2005
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