an exclaimation of your point. a command.
"this will be the best blowjob of your life"

"bitch, it best be."
by sma January 19, 2004
1. You had better be.
2. You had better do that.
3. Expression of satisfaction.

Also, simply "best."
Albert: "I am a rocker. I rock out."
Ben: "Best be."

Albert: "I intend to give you five dollars."
Ben: "Best be."

"I win at Scrabble! Best!"

by Jeff Moore March 12, 2003
so the best of the best is where you have all the best together in all the universes of all time , past , present and future. and you the best out of all of that or them. it could be cars, food, or people like martial artist, or best kisser, or best at having sex. its pretty diverse and vast.
i am the best of the best. he is the best of the best.
has the warmest heart and soul they try to help everyone but no one helps them. people are usually breaks their heart but still beste means hope and music. has a heart of golden. they’re free-minded, loves animals and nature and animals and nature are also loves them! keep going pal no one deserves you more than you, you’re the cutest
she’s my beste (she’s my music and hope)
by posiv January 29, 2020
Someone or something that makes you happy on a daily basis. Just having that person/thing in your life makes you happy. You think about this person/thing so much that you have to try and stop yourself to be able to focus on other things that require attention in your life. This person/thing is amazing, beautiful and knows how to bring a smile to your face on the darkest of days.
Wow, my girlfriend is The Best!
by Youraretheonlyoneforme December 2, 2011
Beste will be your “beste-friend” forever. She is an absolute beauty inside and out. She is mature for her age, yet when you get to know her she can be very silly too. You will absolutely love Beste!
“Beste is my bestefriend and I love her so much!”
by Heyitsyourbestfriend August 31, 2020
Someone who is better than others and who is truly more awesome than anybody else
by Avarose1212 April 3, 2016