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Farcus (far-kis) 1. n. a complete moron. 2. adj. a frustrating and futile business event. 3. n. name of syndicated newspaper cartoon about working life by David Waisglass and Gordon Coulthart, distributed to hundreds of newspapers worldwide by Universal Press Syndicate from 1990-2000. The name is a registered trademark.
A farcus is someone who believes frozen orange juice comes from the Arctic; This is a farcus moment.
by seegoer October 15, 2008
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Farcus is the term used to describe a gay person.

Usually in a derogatory way.
Man, you are so farcus!
by Styff April 04, 2004
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Farcus- (far-cuss or fark-us) is a word that means absolutely nothing bad yet sounds like a cuss word. This is to confuse authority figures apon using it (i.e. Teachers, policemen, tax attorneys) This is to show the incompitence of curse words themselves. Social outrage and disgust is the desired effect by the person being called farcus showing that curse words are what we make of them.

If the used person is angered the user is to laugh and not explain why giving the desired affect of just screwing with someone.

Also farcus can be used in different tences and gramar types. (i.e. Fark, farking, farker, farcus)
Fark- Fark you man!
Farker- Look at that mother farker.
Farking- I farking love vagina!
Farcus- Ah FARCUS I don't wanna visit my mother in law!
by Matt Galey May 26, 2007
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