to relese one whole clip of a gun upon an individual
We are going to pull up at 12pm and begin dumping on little jimmy for lying on us.
by PurpMane June 21, 2010
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The process of defocating faeces.
A: Extreme pain is sometime involved when contracting the dump (faecal matter)Dumping.
by Gohn Gardenza November 4, 2007
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Skier/Snowboarder slang for snowing conditions such that the accumulation rate is in excess of 4"/hour or the visibility is reduced to less than 100'.
Dude - It's dumping out. Tomorrow should be totally epic.
by split_jetstream September 22, 2009
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when one person literally ends a relationship either through msn, person, phone conversation or even textmessging however dumping does not involve telling someone else to tell another that their relationship is over
jack and jill are in a relationship, jack tells jill "its over" via sms, phone conversation etc however if timmy tells jill "hey jack said its over" it does not count as a dumping
by ekka July 12, 2006
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for skiers the term references a lot of snow falling in a day
its dumping Friday night
by Noah Cinquini February 23, 2008
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When you short a stock, then get up and take a massive dump, only to come back to see that the stock has gone down a lot (dumped)... so you make a lot of monies.
Tom decided to short AAPL, then felt a little queasy from his Chicken Tikka Masala lunch, so he took a massive poo. AAPL's stock price decided to take a dump simultaneously. Now that is what I call a good ol fashioned Dump and Dump
by A.BRUNNY April 18, 2012
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