What your cat does when you try to pet it and it won't let you, because it moves just enough to be out of reach.
I tried to wipe the smeg on the cat, but it blooted out of reach.
by boootky June 22, 2010
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Blood toot. The act of farting with blood coming out.
I ate some Chipotle and afterwards I cut a bloot. Yes blood literally came out of my anus.
by jeremyo97 September 10, 2017
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A multipurpose utterance used in conversation as a substitute for esoteric, challenging, predictable or forgotten words, or as a means of giving one's own gestures unnecessary audible emphasis.
You can tell a dog is happy from the way it can't stop wagging its bloot.
by WildeAtHeart September 18, 2019
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Bloot is when you dislike something someone else is doing
Me: stop being so annoying you bloot

Her/Him: Shut up you sounding like a fucking bloot yourself
by bbeckalas March 12, 2018
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the act of exhuming diarrhea

toot : fart :: poot : poop :: bloot : diarrhea
Jerry: "Hey man, how was Taco Bell last night?"
Me: "It was great last night, but I almost blooted my pants!"
by TheOneAndOnlySandy December 30, 2022
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