by Uglybreathe May 23, 2021
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Gregory one of the most loyal and the most kind people you will ever meet. Its very hard to hate Gregory. They are athletic, smart and can b shy at times. Don't mess around with them because once you do your one shot is over with them. They have good hair for some reason. Gregory's are the best people to date they make your stomach have butterflies when they touch you falling in love with one is like being in a good trans. They are keepers. <3
Gregory- "Hey''
Girl: -girl falls in love- "he...he...hey greg"
by Artchildani101 October 20, 2013
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Amazing dude named Gregory he's cool and calm he never gives up and is always smiling. He's friends with every one and most people love him, he's a good looking male
Girl1- Gregory 2 o clock
by Nikitaffion April 17, 2015
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Is the best human alive, usually a guy who shows a great amount of respect to his girlfriend he is very religious but easily annoyed he can over come any situation he will always be reliable and is sweet, kind, humble, and loves to dance he is really into gaming and appreciates attention he wants nothing more but happiness and his girl we wishes to understand how he will use stuff I school someday but he knows what he needs. He loves booty and can be bad but is genuinely an all around great guy and everyone needs to appreciate him bc he only comes once in a lifetime
Gregory told Grace how beautiful she was.
Gregory was there for his friend when he was depressed.
by Naomiee March 25, 2018
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An amazing person who can beat all odds, meaning the game will be over if you do even one small trick to, finds people very amusing who show off better and a great problem solver for other people.
The man named Gregory would of been a real big winner.
by thebigwinner November 18, 2015
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Gregory, do you see the small vent on the floor? have you ever heard of among us, Gregory? you need to vent. I know it will be hard for you to be sus but I know you can do it, Gregory.
Gregory is being defined as a sussy
by The Object Group January 4, 2022
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The highest level of awesome, just above bacon. Gregory is what bacon wants to be when it grows up.
Eggs: So bacon you think you're cool huh since you're like the best breakfast food in the world?
Bacon: Yea, I'm pretty awesome, but I really just want to be like Gregory.
by Greggeryaknow January 16, 2013
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